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Wicked Cool Lyrics

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Wicked Cool Lyrics
Class Of '09
Luv Ya Nicole!

Somebody listen please
It used to be so hard being me
Living in the shadow
Of someone else's dream
Trying to find a hand to hold but every touch felt cold to me
Living in a nightmare
A never-ending sleep
But now that I am wide awake
My chains are finally free
Don't feel sorry for me
~*South Side*~
Meet me at the southside
Get you home by midnight (midnight)
Make sure that your daddy just don't know (oh, no-no-no)
I'll put you in the hoodbug
I know what I'm doin cause
We'll be eating on the low (eating on the low, oh)
Meet me at the southside
Baby we can go hide
Knowin that mah boys goin have my back (we can go hide babe)
Only at the southside girl (yeah-eeh-yeah)
Southside, southside girl (southside)
~*Po Folks*~
All my life i've been Po
but it really don't matter no mo
and they wonder why we at it this way
Naby Boy is goin to be Okay!
as we go on
we remember
all the times we've
had together!
and as our lived change
from whatever,
we will still be
friends FOREVER!
My milk shake brings all the boys to the yard,
and their like... its better then yours,
damn right...its better then yours,
i can teach you... but i'll have to charge